How to Write a Hotel Review

Whether your stay was impeccable and you wish to praise a hotel, or your visit fell into the nightmare category and you need to get some complaints off your chest, writing a hotel review is a great way to share about your hotel experience with others (from hotel staff to other travelers).  Knowing how to write an effective review will help fellow travelers make informed decisions when deciding amongst lodging options.  Travel review sites such as TripAdvisor, TravBuddy or TravelPost allow you to get your thoughts out there for others to see and learn from.  Here are some tips to help you compose a useful hotel review:

Share About Yourself

Celebrate Important Dates

Talk about what the purpose of your trip was (business, pleasure, etc) and who you traveled with (your family, significant other, group of friends).  Letting other travelers know how often you travel will also give you some credibility to your hotel review.

Be Specific in your Hotel Review

Telling other travelers what type of room you stayed in might help them narrow down which hotel reviews to read based on their own room preferences.  If you can think of any details you wish you would have been aware of before your stay, share them.  Any relevant information on the property that may not be found on the hotel website will be much appreciated by other travelers, from room service recommendations to tips on how to navigate a tricky parking system.

Sound Intelligent

Make sure that when you write your review, you are as descriptive and concise as possible.  Furthermore, it is important that you use proper spelling and grammar if you want to readers to take you seriously in your hotel review.

Include Photos if Possible

If the site you are posting your hotel review on allows pictures, put them out there so others can see things for themselves, whether the view was amazing or your tub was dirty upon arrival.  Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words!

Give Location Details


From the distance the hotel really is from the beach to expensive cab rides from the airport, fellow travelers will be grateful for your honesty.  Also let them know about any major attractions nearby, such as shopping, dining, nightlife or tourist activities.

Talk About the Amenities

Let other travelers know whether you felt like you were sleeping on clouds or rocks, if the pool was as spectacular as the website makes it appear or if the television and cable provided were basic or amazing.  All of these details will help to make your hotel review all the more useful.

Don’t Forget the Staff!

Surviving the p​arty season ​in style

Discuss how friendly and courteous or rude and unhelpful the staff was.  Perhaps you had a concierge that went out of his or her way to accommodate a special request, or your maid left you a sweet welcome note.  Speak up about shining stars.

When writing a hotel review, remember to keep things in perspective.  If your overall experience was outstanding, it may not be worth mentioning minor details that didn’t really matter in the long run.  If you would recommend the place, let that shine through.

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