“Little Hotelier could not have arrived at a better time.”

Rating: 4/5
– Overall: After spending one month with front office manager we added OTAs. Two days before our second month ended I had to get surgery on my foot. I am now in the 5th week of having to spend 7 weeks with my foot elevated 23 1/2 hours a day. Because of little hotelier I have been able to run the office and manage the OTAs from my bed and the couch. July is traditionally one of our 3 slowest months. Despite my Recuperation restrictions we closed July with 87.6 % occupancy. How many times do you get to lay in bed for a month and earn a bonus.
– Pros: I like to be able to view the calendar wherever I am, in order to check availability . My wife and I also give it a quick look in the morning and plan for the day. Second I love the reports key. I can check income, statistics and break them down in so many ways in seconds. It is great to be able to rattle off numbers to my boss at the drop of a hat. Third I have been very successful filling up rooms by running last minute specials on the OTAs. It only takes a few seconds to advertise world wide . I can also cancel them just as fast.
– Cons: I would like to be able to remove any reservation or payment in cause of last minute change. Once you check someone in you can’t reverse it. I would like to have a master code to check credit card information – instead of having to go to my e-mail for a new code each time. One other very small item that is just a pet peeve but I wish it would auto format the phone numbers.
– Recommendations to other buyers: I am a person who learns by doing not reading. Just jump in and use it. don’t be afraid to call if you have a question I have dealt with 4 customer service reps and they where all great and always follow up. I would also get an extra no vacancy sign, we have already worn one out.

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